Downtown: A Street Tale

Starring - Genevieve Bujold and Joey Dedio

Downtown is the story of a true American family; a diverse group of street kids living in a New York City ghetto. Forgotten by society, they live far from the dreams and aspirations of the rest of the world. These kids survive by eating out of dumpsters and turning tricks to make it through a bleak winter - with little hope of ever making it out of the abandoned building they call "home". The kids are looked after by Angelo (Joey Dedio), a young Puerto Rican/Italian who has suffered his share of ups and downs on the streets. Angelo finds solace in helping the lost children he collects off the street. His ideals often clash with those of Aimee Levesque (Genevieve Bujold), the woman who runs the local shelter called Haven House. Together, they embrace this modern-day family of damaged and homeless castaways. The story unfolds over a Christmas holiday. The characters and situations of "Downtown" capture all the pain and challenges of life in the city: child abuse, drugs, AIDS, prostitution, violence and suicide are explored. Through the intensity of this tale and its characters "one cannot look away" from the message of trial and hope reflected in this story.

Every city has its downtown and every downtown has its street tale.