The Real Bible Series

For centuries, Biblical history has been the battleground between skeptics and believers caught up in the truth of Biblical stories. And now, for the first time in 2000 years, tangible evidence of some of the world’s most controversial stories has been discovered!

The REAL Bible is an explosive series highlighting new evidence found by today’s top archeologists with state of the art forensic technology directly connects to actual Biblical events.

The locations of the Tomb of Rachel, Bethlehem Ephrath, the Tower of the Flock, and the birthplace of Jesus Christ have been a source of scholarly contention for centuries. The REAL Bible offers solid evidence that the traditional locations of these iconic sites are not the actual locations.

The proof of the Tomb of Rachel’s location offers amazing connections to the entire Old Testament narrative, as well as a clue to the location of the Manger of Jesus.

The REAL Bible unearths the location of the actual Manger of Jesus, which has been under the protection of one family since the 1940s. Smuggled from Israel into the United States to keep it from the hands of plundering Nazis and Fascists, the real Manger of Jesus will be brought into the public eye for the first time in 2000 years.

This tremendous discovery not only offers sweeping connections from the Old to the New Testaments, but gives incredible validation to a globally know story—with a few twists.