Room 107

Room 107, starts filming in New York this spring. For the first time since 1942, in Pride of the Yankees, Major League Baseball has given their blessing and their official branding to be used in a motion picture. As well, this is a greenlit, 100% financed production. In the vein of Field of Dreams, it has a magical aspect that brings back some of baseball’s New York Yankees greats. At the core of the film, it is a magical father and son story. The film is based on the best selling book of the same name. Iconic producer, Barry Josephson (Enchanted) is producing and Mary Aloe is executive producing. Among its all star cast is Josh Lucas, Luis Guzman and it also includes some of the New York Yankees’ current all stars in cameo roles.

Inspired by true events, when 13-year-old Ray Moretti is caught trespassing at Yankee Stadium, his life changes in more ways than he could have ever dreamed. Both the new and old Yankee Stadiums provide the backdrop to this timeless tale featuring a race against time, ghosts of legends past, first loves, and the complex, yet rewarding relationship between father and son. This wish-fulfillment family film explores the magic behind the Yankees mystique and tells the real story of how they saved their inaugural 2009 season. You won't find it in any newspapers or history books or see it on Sports Center. There's no evidence to suggest what you will see in "Room 107" ever even happened ...but it did.