The Recruits

The following is a brief outline for The Recruits: Female Ops. With Homeland on Showtime being the highest rated series for that network, Nakita just got renewed for a fourth season, and Zero Dark Thirty was one of the most successful movies of this year all had female ops as the leads. The topic is one of the hottest in America, our government has announced globally that woman are about to go to the front lines in combat. Our Female Operators are highly trained and proficient in weapons, explosives, profiling interview and interrogation and a host of other disciplines to accomplish these objectives, heroines against the war on terror.

The classified bios inside are real, these are not actresses, housewives looking for a gig, their bios are real. In the power point there are 12 women all beautiful , highly trained by the army, Navy, Air force , Law enforcement. They were chosen out of over 600 women. Most of the women are single ( as they find it hard to maintain relationships) some are married, they range in age from early 20's to early 40's. They are the current and future females leading Home Land Security and Counter Terrorism . They are the heriones protecting our government.

Our judges are some of the most prestigious people in America, they range from the former Secretary of Defense on two White House terms, to the Deputy Director of Counter Terrorism and the DEA, to the highest ranking African American Female in the Navy, etc to two ex female CIA ops and the founder of Seal Team Six.

IT is GI JANE meets BIG BROTHER. Currently this is a competition show, (see power point for full 8 episode breakdown) but could be filmed as a docu drama. Two of our trainers are the best in Israel and America from Elite Units and former Black Ops. We have bartered a free sequestered compound to shoot in 1800 acres, and artillery for free with branding at the end of the show. The Recruits : Female Ops personnel are highly skilled and technical operators who have combat and warfare experience who have left the military or law enforcement to enter into the private market. CMI Conquest Management like Backwater and other groups hire these individuals to perform dangerous missions and objectives such as recovering kidnap victims out of hostile threatening environments, protecting dignitaries on compounds in the middle east- and other high risk operations. CMI will recruit the winner, as well with 50K prize.

(please allow 1 minute up to 8 minutes to download depending on your internet connection)

(please allow 1 minute up to 8 minutes to download depending on your wifi)