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“Cauth In the Act” (1993) co-produced with Dick Clark

“The Susan Powter Show” (1995) TV Series (producer)

“A Current Affair” (1992) TV Series (producer)

“Hard Copy” (1993) TV Series (producer)

“Geraldo” (1991) TV Series (producer)... aka The Geraldo Rivera Show

“Case Closed” (1994) TV Series (producer)(USA Network)

The following is a brief outline for The Recruits: Female Ops. With Homeland on Showtime being the highest rated series for that network, Nakita just got renewed for a fourth season, and Zero Dark Thirty was one of the most successful movies of this year all had female ops as the leads. The topic is one of the hottest in America, our government has announced globally that woman are about to go to the front lines in combat. Our Female Operators are highly trained and proficient in weapons, explosives, profiling interview and interrogation and a host of other disciplines to accomplish these objectives, heroines against the war on terror.

The classified bios inside are real, these are not actresses, housewives looking for a gig, their bios are real. In the power point there are 12 women all beautiful , highly trained by the army, Navy, Air force , Law enforcement. They were chosen out of over 600 women. Most of the women are single ( as they find it hard to maintain relationships) some are married, they range in age from early 20's to early 40's. They are the current and future females leading Home Land Security and Counter Terrorism . They are the heriones protecting our government.

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“MTV, Room 401” Executive Producer's Mary Aloe, Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg

Merging elements of David Blaine and Punk’d, the series boasts an edgy, David Lynch-style surrealism. During each 30-minute episode, audiences will witness the mind warping feats of the world’s greatest young illusionists, including Rico De La Vega, Chris Congora, Cyril Takayama, Justin Willman, Michael Grasso, Marc Worden and Lisa De La Vega. The mega-talented troupe will bend reality with feats so phenomenal, the show’s unsuspecting “marks” will be rubbing their eyes in disbelief. Early buzz pegs it as a can’t-miss hit for the Gen-Y set.

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“The Princess and the Marine”

Based on a true story, American Marine Jason Johnson (Gosselaar) is sent on assignment to the Emirate of Bahrain. While there, he meets and falls in love with a spirited, lovely young woman, Meriam (Nichols), without realizing she is really a member of the Bahraini Royal Family. Meriam, who does not wish to consent to an arranged marriage , knows her love affair with Jason is dangerous, as he is a Mormon Christian and she a Muslim. Her parents would never consent to their match, and so Meriam and Jason race against time to escape Bahrain and make it to the United States , where they can marry. If Meriam is sent back, however, her life may be in jeopardy.


The Ascent

Mountain guide, Emily Wilks, is forced to lead a group of men up the perilous Devil's Peak. But leading the group up Devil's Peak is just a stalling tactic until Emily reveals her own dark secret.