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Aloe Entertainment specializes in obtaining 100% financing for features by raising private equity, working with hedge funds, gap financing, top tier of foreign sales companies and securing domestic distribution.

At the helm of Aloe Entertainment is producer and film finance expert, Mary Aloe. Mary Aloe has been called upon by numerous industry panels to lecture on her unique area of expertise: guiding investors through various models of debt, equity, tax-credits, pre-sales and distribution channels to generate significant ROI and create meaningful theatrical releases with artistic and social impact upon the world.

Mary Aloe’s vast funding experience and successful track record enable Aloe Entertainment to develop/produce independent and studio features, television series, network/cable event movies. Producer Mary Aloe and her Aloe Entertainment development team have produced a record nine features in six years. As well, Mary Aloe’s vast knowledge of P & A financing was acknowledged by Regent Entertainment who brought her in to run a 50 million dollar P & A fund backed by Merrill Lynch.

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