Mary Aloe Entertainment Producer Description

Mary Aloe explains that a movie producer works behind the scenes to get a movie made. He or she may oversee nearly all stages of the creation of a film, from the writing of the script to the screening of the finished product. Mary Aloe further states that movie producers are generally responsible for the financial and organizational aspects of making a movie, such as acquiring funding, selecting a cast and crew, managing the film budget and schedule, and marketing the movie.Before a movie can be made, a producer meets with writers to develop ideas for a script. Mary Aloe goes on to explain that once there is a finished script, a producer arranges to purchase the ownership rights. He or she may contact financial investors to provide funding for production costs in exchange for a share of the movie’s profits.Mary Aloe recognizes that once a movie producer finds out how much funding the movie has, he or she plans a budget. A movie’s budget includes paying for the cast and crew, locations, advertising, and any additional production costs. The producer decides how to best use the funding. For instance, he or she may choose to spend more money on a well-known director or leading actors in the hopes that famous names will attract more moviegoers and increase profits, states Mary Aloe.

Mary Aloe finds that the producer also comes up with a detailed schedule for the movie, such as how many days to spend on particular scenes or on location. After a film begins production, a movie producer will usually monitor its progress to ensure it stays on schedule. Mary Aloe sheds light that if a movie runs over schedule, it can greatly increase production costs.

A movie producer is also involved with the postproduction of a movie. Mary Aloe is aware that after filming is completed, a producer may meet with the director and film editors to review the final version of the movie and determine if any changes need to be made. Once the film is polished, a producer meets with movie distributors to sign a licensing contract that outlines how many copies of the movie will be sent to theaters and the amount of publicity that will be devoted to the film, states Mary Aloe.

Since the job duties of a movie producer are so diverse, responsibilities may be distributed among different types of producers. Mary Aloe explains that a producer usually owns the script rights or has contributed to a significant portion of the movie’s budget, so he or she may deal strictly with the financial aspects of film production. Producers may form a team, referred to as co-producers, and divide up the creative and technical production duties. For example, some co-producers may deal with script and filming issues, while others may deal with business sides of production.